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You went to the airport, checked-in, boarded the plane, sat for 10+ hours and are now ready for your adventure in a foreign land…but wait your luggage didn’t make the flight and is now in la-la land. While I cannot help you avoid every obstacle in travel, I can give you tips on how to avoid this one! Read On!

As a frequent traveler, you may have developed the terrible habit of over-packing. You might be used to holding your breath at the luggage scale, struggling with heavy bags, or sitting on your suitcase to get it closed. While tools and tricks like vacuum bags, rolling your clothes, and packing cubes are great, the best way to avoid the over-packing stress is to create a classic minimalist travel wardrobe.

The Capsule:

A capsule wardrobe is a small and clutter-free wardrobe. It's simply that reliable collection of clothes you just love. These clothes make you look and feel confident, and you can mix and match them to make many outfit combinations. Take a second a checkout Pinterest. You’ll get all the inspiration you need. While most capsule wardrobes are typically made up of neutral colors so that you can easily mix and match the pieces, you can create yours to incorporate bold colors, graphics, and patterns that still pair well together.

Plan your outfits with your destination in mind

Start by planning out your trip. Look into the weather forecast. What activities do you have planned? Will you be walking around a lot? Are you lounging, or do you have activities planned? Answering these questions will help you figure out your footwear, what you'll want to wear, and the type of fabric and materials you should prioritize.

Focus on the Essentials

Focus on building your core essentials. These items are oldies but goodies in terms of style: Blue jeans, white t-shirts, black dresses, and jean jackets. They always look good and pair well with other more expressive items like a statement jacket or colorful blouse. Instead of creating individual outfits, consider how many combinations you can make with all the things in your essential’s category.

Choose Complementary Colors.

These are hues that sit opposite one another on the color wheel, like blue and orange. And when you pair them together, they create outfits with impact. You can still mix some neutrals into your minimalist travel wardrobe. But focusing on complementary colors means you can experiment with colors without fear of clashing.

Seven Day Capsule Wardrobe Packing List (20+ pieces)

  • 4 light tops (one of these can be nicer)

  • 2 tank tops or camisoles for layering

  • 1 sweater in a neutral color

  • 1 light jacket

  • 2 pairs of jeans

  • 1 skirt or pair of overalls

  • 1 pair of black leggings

  • 1 sundress

  • 7 pairs of socks

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • 3 pair of pajamas

  • 8 pairs of underwear

  • 3 bras

  • 1 beanie or baseball cap

Think ahead and create a capsule wardrobe that's built to travel. The process of curating your closet, selecting quality pieces that help refine your individual style, and focusing on the essentials will save you from the major headache of figuring out what to wear during your trips and packing way too much.

And don't forget...

Quality over quantity

Don't be afraid of color, graphics, and prints

Choose what makes you feel and look good

Denim and leather are your friends

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