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For couples who are really looking to spice up their love lives, there are many romantic destinations to choose from. Not only can you rejuvenate your relationship, you can admire and explore the rich culture and history that these off the beaten track locations have to offer.

It doesn't matter if you're a couple who loves to go on adventures or kick back and relax; there are destinations that'll keep those romantic fires smoldering. That could mean sand, sparkling water, and soaking in the sun. That could also mean exploring vibrant cityscapes brimming with cultural and historical adventures. In the following list, you and your significant other can find the best spots for proposals, honeymoons, and getaways.

Cayman Islands

After landing in Grand Cayman's newly improved airport, you'll hear the sound of steel drums welcoming. Check out the area's luxury hotels for days of relaxation, sipping Pina Coladas, and romantic boat rides. Legends say that if you kiss one of the area's stingrays, you'll have seven years of good luck!

Koh Sumi, Thailand

Thailand's second-largest island is home to exotic white beaches, groves of coconut trees, and lush forests. Visiting the Gulf of Thailand means having your pick of posh resorts, including some that greet you with delicious scoops of coconut ice cream when you arrive. You'll love the array of activities, including taking cooking classes together or practicing Tai Chi on the beach.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Boarding Reno is one of America's most beautiful freshwater lakes, Lake Tahoe. Plan a ski weekend at one of the area's renowned ski resorts. Be sure to hit one of the summit bars for panoramic views. If you prefer traveling in the spring, check out the area resort's hot tubs, pool bars, and incredible views! No matter if you'd like to stay lakeside or closer to the airport, there are many opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Along with being America's most classically charming hot spots, Louisiana is growing in popularity among couples looking for a romantic getaway. You'll find everything from rotating carousel bars to rooftop pools. There are endless opportunities for sampling the city's cuisine, including a classic Creole dinner in the French Quarter.

Northern Italy

There are many reasons to add Northern Italy to our list of Insta-worthy romantic hot spots, including Venice's canals, Florence's gastronomy, and Milan's Renaissance art. When coupling that with Verona's historically romantic reputation, that makes this destination a lover's haven. You and your partner can see sweeping views of the area from a former 14th-century medieval monastery, take a tour of Tuscany, and more!

Capturing the memories of your romantic getaway is irritable when venturing to any one of the destinations we mentioned above. Contact me today to start planning for romance and unforgettable memories.

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