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Jamaica: home of reggae, Bob Marley, beautiful waterfalls, and some tasty jerk dishes. You can swim and sunbathe under the Caribbean sun, listen to local music, and enjoy a local beer with some of the friendliest islanders around. Jamaica's got it all.

If you have ever been to Jamaica, you'll know that Jamaica is unique. It is a melting pot of cultures with friendly islanders and the ideal place to relax after a stressful day at work. It's one of those rare places that everyone should experience in their lifetime. This article will showcase some of the must-see places in Jamaica.


When thinking of Jamaica, many think of Kingston. The capital and bustling cultural center of the nation, Kingston is full of attractions like museums, parks, and art galleries. Explore Bob Marley's past in his homeland or enjoy a free concert at Emancipation Park.

The city serves up some splendid brew, which makes sense since it's located near some excellent coffee-growing terrain. You can even tour the growing areas in the nearby mountains. Kingston is also the perfect launching point to explore the rest of the country.

Port Antonio

Are you looking for a relaxing beachside getaway, apart from the usual tourist crowd? Look no further than Port Antonio! Famous for its Blue Lagoon swimming hole made famous in a 1980 movie of the same title, Port Antonio is a great place to relax with locals. Its tiny, laid-back beaches allow you to kick back, relax, and maybe even crack open a local beer.

Montego Bay

The perfect introduction to Jamaica, Montego Bay has the second-largest airport on the island. With plenty of direct flights to the U.S., you can step right off your plane and into paradise. There are tons of luxury resorts and golf courses nearby, but there is also a charming downtown area, stunning beaches, and even a haunted house.

Ochos Rios

A former fisherman's village, Ochos Rios is today a hotspot for adventure activities and beachgoers. These attractions include a few gorgeous waterfalls, tubing, and river rafting. A popular cruise stop, the town itself features several shops and an outdoor mall perfect for a day of souvenir shopping.


The perfect honeymoon destination, Negril is home to one of Jamaica's most beautiful beaches. The West End of Negril is known for a seven-mile stretch of shoreline that backs up to majestic cliffs. Be sure to catch a sunset here -- local regulations prohibit tall construction, meaning you can see the majestic skyline for miles on end.

Isn't it time?

Ready to visit the sugary shores of Jamaica? Now is your chance to turn that dream into a reality. I can help you plan a trip to suit your styles and preferences, so all you just have to worry about what swimsuit to bring!

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