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Up, Up and Away

With thousands of years of history, ancient Egypt is filled with countless wonders and stories. While you can find some of these tales in historical books, the real magic is in seeing these wonders in person and learning from those that know them best.

Luxor, the historic city of Thebes, is located in southern Egypt, also called Upper Egypt by the ancient Egyptians because it is located closer to the source of the Nile River. Luxor is also where you tend to start your Nile cruise journey.

While in Luxor, there are several impressive sites that are sure to delight and amaze you. Karnak Temple is arguably the world’s largest open air museum. The tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of Queens is spectacular and of course, the Valley of Kings with its countless tombs, each more amazing than the last. Oh and you can see Tutankhamun’s mummy there as well. I know you will want to visit these amazing sights by land and wonder about their construction, but I want to share with you another way to visit, one that will appeal to those who seek a unique and adventurous experience.

It's a magical experience to observe these ancient sites from above in a hot air balloon. And the sunrise views aren't too shabby either.

Your day begins early with a pickup from your location and a short drive to the lauch site. After a quick briefing you are loaded in and ready to go. The lift off is so gentle you will only realize it occurred when you see how far you are off the ground. Watch the sky slowly brighten as the sun begins to peek above the horizon. As Luxor begins to spread out below, you get your first glimpse of the Valley of the Kings. Your guide will assist in pointing out the various tombs that lay below the mountains surface. Your flight continues and the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut is now within sight. Grab your binoculars and gaze at the spectacular architecture before you are carried to the massive Colossi of Memnon. These majestic statues are a sight to behold. Sadly, your flight is now nearly at an end but before the decent is complete, turn your gaze to the Nile. Observe this beautiful and ancient river that has been responsible for civilizations for thousands of years.

Back on land you will enjoy a renewed sense of wonder regarding the ancient Egyptians and what they were able to create over such large areas. They are impressive by land and made even more so when combined with seeing them from the sky.

Having been to Egypt I can honestly say it is a place that has to be seen to be experienced. No amount of description, pictures or videos can tell the entire story nor impress upon you the magnitude of an ancient culture. I look forward to sharing more of my Egypt story with you so reach out to me today.

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