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The land of mist and beauty

Scotland is a place filled with potential surprises. It has a lot to offer in all fields, whether via its nature, history, people, or food and whiskey.

The thought of rolling hills and standing stones may come to mind when you think of Scotland. The aforementioned icons are quintessential Scottish, but I've got five more reasons why you should consider visiting Scotland in 2022 and beyond.

  • Delightful locals and heritage – Scots are renowned for their friendliness, and the local guides are among the best in the world. Let me curate tours designed to present you with incredible makers and history buffs, as well as a chance to walk in your ancestors' footsteps, providing you with a sense of connection to its people.

  • Stunning landscapes – Scotland's natural beauty, shaped over millions of years, including lochs, highlands, the Isle of Skye, and the Three Sisters of Glencoe, is the playground of photographers and the paradise of nature lovers.

  • Sustaining the future – Among green initiatives around the country, head off-the-beaten-track to Brodiec Castle, then support local communities at a family-run farm and take a highland safari.

  • Whimsical castles – Interested in staying in a castle for the night? You're in luck. I’d love to arrange for you to experience the pleasures of a royal stay at the 17th-century Crossbasket Castle following a trip steeped in a variety of royal visits.

  • The Edinburgh Military Tattoo – A festival with a spectacle of music, culture, and atmospheric tradition, the Tattoo is one of Scotland's most anticipated events. This year’s festival runs from August 5-27, 2022.

The best part is, Scotland is open for travel right now. So don’t delay, reach out today and let’s start planning your Scottish adventure!

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