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This article discusses a place Santa may visit in his off-season, however, the rest of us must travel to sip suds in this far flung land while basking in the colors of the Northern Lights.

Making beer in Svalbard takes a certain type of person, one that can respect the land, animals and climate and has the skills to not only live but use that surviving tenacity to make world class beer. The founders of this brewery are truly committed to their craft by placing it in one of the harshest environments in the world, but what they make will not only stay with your palate, but give you an experience that is far heartier than just the delicious beer they brew.

In addition to the breathtaking views, you'll be able to see many Arctic creatures, including whales, walruses, Svalbard reindeer, cliff-dwelling seabirds, and the polar bear.

Svalbard is located on the Northernmost habited island in the world, a place frozen in time, and has a natural beauty that has remained untouched by modern civilization. Did you know that the polar bear population in the Svalbard archipelago and Barents Sea is around 3,000, which exceeds the human population?

A visit to this brewery goes far beyond that of sipping suds where you can enjoy the Northern Lights, you can experience an area where civilization, people and the land live together in harmony, so much so that they use sustainable energy to power their needs.

Grab your parka and reach out to me today so we can start planning your trip to the North. And just think, a visit to this polar brewery would make even Doug and Bob Mackenzie envious. 😉

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