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Just a Click Away from OOO

How long has it been - months, years since you have truly gotten away from it all? Don’t you deserve some me time? We time? Or how about just a break from Zoom time??

Imagine a place that was built to be 100% geared towards adults, where kid-friendly doesn’t exist. Yes, Las Vegas has gone through a few transformations and prefers to be thought of as an adult playground, but let’s be serious, we have all been there and kids are most definitely on the guest list.

I was recently able to take a cruise on just such a vessel. The ship is yacht-inspired, mid-sized (i.e. 2700 max capacity), and has features and cabins unlike I have ever seen. The ambience is upscale yet casual, playful yet refined.

It is five o’clock somewhere

A wide variety of bars and lounges await you, all pleasantly appointed and staffed with helpful crew members. Pretty much everytime you turn a corner there is a place to grab a coffee, smoothie, beer or cocktail. Make sure you visit them all as none are to be missed.

All about the buffet amazing eateries

Strike the word buffet from your vocabulary because you will not find one or anything resembling one on board. Of the 20+ eateries on board, you will find that some are full sit down restaurants and others are more grab and go style but all are delicious. There is even a multi course option with delicacies that will tempt and delight even the pickiest foodie. All at no extra cost.

Your home away from home

Almost all cabins have terraces and of those nearly all come with their signature red woven hammocks. It was lovely to be able to lounge (uh nap) on the terrace listening to the sounds of sea. One of my favorite amenities was the record player - yes a real record player - with several options of albums to play. There is a tablet in your room and with just a touch of a button you can have the lights and curtains altered to your mood. Need a darker room for that post day drinking nap? Or maybe it is time to get glammed up for some dancing? There is a setting for every mood.

Just the right amount of wrong

Now, if you are like me, taking in a show on a cruise ship is not in your usual list of ‘must do’s’ but I would ask you to reconsider this notion when cruising on these adult ships. The shows were fun, flirty and always kept you interested. Plus you never know when you will dragged into a pop-up activity by one of the many talented crew members. If shows are still not your thing then head over to the arcade and challenge your partner to some old school games like Donkey Kong or Defender or maybe the casino is calling you.

A fun time had by all

I am not sure if it was the ‘come as you are’ attitude, the lack of children on board, or the adult natured fun vibe but whatever it was I noticed a decidedly happier and more friendly spirit with the other passengers. It was almost as if you were cruising with both new and old friends. There was always a friendly wave and many people just stopped and starting chatting. Whatever it was in the air that made everyone laugh louder, smile easier and relax more it made for an unforgettable vacation and I am already counting the days until I get back onboard and do it all over again.

If this sounds like nirvana to you then I welcome you to reach out to me so we can start planning for your own adult only vacay!

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