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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

This article discusses what it’s like to camp in Antarctica and why it’s an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Only one place on earth allows you to truly disconnect: Antarctica. At nearly twice the size of Australia and mostly covered with a thick sheet of ice, it is a bucket list item for many travelers as one of the most remote destinations on earth. It’s also more accessible than one might think. There are several cruise operators that will get you to the frozen continent in style. While on one hand, it is the coldest, windiest, and driest place on earth, it also has no mobile phone service, no ATMs, souvenir stores, or tourist traps, which can make it the ideal place to truly get away from it all. This desert gives way to adventures of nearly every kind; snowshoeing, kayaking, skiing, snorkeling, diving, and even camping.

You will be able to spend the night under the stars in Antarctica, where you see the occasional penguin and observe the frozen beauty of this nearly uninhabited continent.

What To Expect When You’re Camping In Antarctica

If you book a camping trip on your Antarctic cruise, weather permitting your guides will take you to the shore after dinner, provide you with specialized insulated gear and guide you to a spot undisturbed by antarctic wildlife and help you set up an open-air camp there.

Once camped on the Antarctic shore, you’ll have experiences that you’ve never had before. The most prominent of these is seeing #penguins and seals wander around your camp. The buzz of your everyday routine will dull when you’re surrounded by miles of pristine snow and the gentle hum of the Weddell Sea. Nightfall will light the purple-blue Antarctic sky with stars as you set up camp on a gently sloping part of the shoreline.

The seclusion is nothing to worry about, though, because your guides will be in constant communication with the ship. If any changes in weather or any other conditions occur, the ship’s management will communicate it to your guide, who will act accordingly.

Contact me today to book this experience and fulfill your wildest adventurous dreams. It will allow you to truly grasp the wild beauty of Antarctica and the unreal peace it provides to its inhabitants, if only for one night.

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