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Holiday luxury? Yes, please!

When was the last time you had a true ‘holiday’ during the holiday season? Give yourself the present you truly deserve.

How do you spend the holidays? With loved ones, friends, decorating and baking? What if all that could be yours while sailing in luxury on a river cruise through Europe. Where every stop was an experience unlike any you had ever had before.

On a Christmas market river cruises through Europe you will experience the festive traditions of fascinating destinations and feel the magic of the holidays in cities illuminated with millions of twinkling lights. Sailing aboard some of the most elegantly decorated ships on the river, you can enjoy nostalgic traditions as well as an elegant holiday feast on every cruise.

There are so many options you can choose from; Budapest, Hungary, Prague, France, Spain, Vienna, Austria even Romania. Each has its own charm and will provide you with all the holiday spirit you could ever ask for. From legendary Christmas markets, to Old-World traditions, tree-decorating and steaming mugs of glühwein, there is plenty to warm your heart as you cruise the Rhine or Danube rivers and let the wonder of the holidays fill you with cheer.

When you join a Christmas cruise, you’ll visit Europe’s most iconic and longest-running Christmas Markets in awe-inspiring cities along the Danube River, including Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and more while your floating oasis awaits your arrival at the end of every day. Or perhaps you would enjoy a mug of glühwein under twinkling lights on the grounds of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, wander the streets of Strasbourg, France, the ‘Capital of Noël,’ and more on a merry and bright holiday river journey.

As you sail from one magical destination to another along the Danube River, you will experience timeless holiday magic throughout Hungary, Germany, Austria, and more. Spend a little while longer on your journey with in-demand land programs in Prague, Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Lake Como, and more.

An exquisitely appointed ship can provide families, loved ones and friends from all over the world the opportunity to reconnect during a Christmas markets river cruise. Contact me today so we can begin planning your next holiday tradition.

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