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In this article, we explore why you should add rest stops at some vineyards while traveling on your bike in the scenic Bordeaux countryside in France.

If you’re visiting France for the first or even the 10th time, it would be a crime not to visit the scenic beauty of Bordeaux. From Médoc to Saint-Emilion, there are hundreds of gorgeous chateaux that you can cycle through on a wine tasting tour. After Paris, Bordeaux is the most-visited French city every year!

Most chateaux owners will walk you through the process with which they make their most popular wines, then let you try the wares after you’ve seen how they’re made.

Why You Should Visit Bordeaux For Biking And Wine Tasting

Bordeaux is world-renowned for its chateaux (the French term for vineyards) which produce some of the finest wines in the world. that with the picture-perfect beauty of the French countryside, and you have plenty of reasons to go on a biking and wine tasting tour.

It’s An Excellent Way To Discover New Wines

Since most bike tours through Bordeaux’s famous chateaux allow you to sample some wines from each winery’s collection, you can discover some new favorite wines to feast on once you’re back home.

You Can Enjoy Bordeaux’s Scenery

Bordeaux has 1182 kilometers of biking trails passing through it. They’re there because the best way to explore Bordeaux is by bike. Whether you want to see Bordeaux’s famous parks or just take in the beautiful Garonne river, biking through Bordeaux is the best way to go about it.

You Can Learn All About The Wine-Making Process

Since most people enjoy visiting wineries as it allows them some insight into the wine-making process, going on an extended biking tour through Bordeaux will provide you with ample opportunity to do that.

Well, that’s all on why you should visit different wineries on your bike. So, let the wind rush through your hair, feel mesmerized by the most soul-shattering blends of red wine in the region and contact me today to arrange a bike tour through the vineyards of Bordeaux today!

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