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Whether your someone who enjoys Sipping a Negroni on the piazza on a warm Italian summers day or someone who is enticed by adventures like hiking, free climbing and skiing, Italy offers the perfect getaway.

When one thinks of Italy they usually picture this - A beautiful sun kissed country where wine connoisseurs, lovers of food, architecture and romance alike live a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. While this is obviously true, let me urge you to think outside the box and imagine an Italian experience unlike any other, the Dolomites!

These scenic mountains along Italy’s northeastern boarder are the alps of Italy. And the gateway to this majestic range lies the picturesque city of Bolzano where Germanic and Italian cultures meet. This ancient city is considered a bridge between Northern and Southern Europe with three spoken languages; Italian, German and Ladin.

While many visit this region for its world renowned skiing and hiking trails it is also home to a long standing tradition of free climbing going as far back as 1887. Not up for that kind of adventure, no worries. How about visiting some castles? There are several to choose from. Looking for something even more tame? Bolzano hosts a lively food and flower market along with plenty of shopping opportunities.

For an adventure up high, grab your camera and swing on over to the Renon cable cars for a quick taste of the alpine wonderland. With a full panoramic view of the Dolomites and the city it is a site you will not soon forget.

No matter your adventure level, a visit to see the famed “the iceman” is a must. Ötzi is a merchant that died nearly 5,300 years ago. His frozen grave is complete with many original artifacts. Additionally, you can learn about the scientific discoveries that Ötzi helped to foster.

After your daytime activities, try one of the many wine bars throughout Bolzano and mingle with the locals. Finger foods, cheese and copious amounts of wine are the standard. The cuisine is an exciting mix of Italian and Austrian dishes that people come from all over to feast upon.

Whether you’re thinking of staying in Bolzano or just passing through, be sure to reach out to me today so together we can create a perfect itinerary for you to experience its bicultural charms.

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