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Traditions and Tipples

Do you prefer older vintages of wine? Or perhaps ones that are young? What if you could have youngish wine but made in an old world style? Sounds pretty tempting, eh?

Generally speaking, most people do not automatically think of Georgia as being a wine region. However, archaeologists in this country that sits at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia have traced the first known wine production back to 6000 BC. Wine has played an integral role in Georgia’s history and economy for millennia, and in this way, Georgian wine has become part of the culture and identity of the nation. Georgia’s distinct climate and topography aid in creating incredibly high-quality wines; the country grows over 500 varieties of grapes; however, they remain a relatively small producer due to the old world process utilized.

Wine has played an integral role in Georgia’s history and economy for millennia

Listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage for Humanity, the large earthenware vessels known as Qvevri are used by winemakers for the fermentation, storage, and aging of traditional Georgian wine. The use of a Qvevri, a handmade, egg-shaped clay vessel that’s buried in the ground up to its collar, is wholly unique to Georgia. An ardent wine lover can not resist visiting such ancient wine-making lands to see and experience this fascinating process, all the while enjoying the country’s magnificent scenery. It’s an incredible and unforgettable way to discover more of the country and its heritage.

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