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it's all about the experience



it's all about the experience

I design and plan experiences for the discerning traveler who seeks out immersive vacations through countless cultures, 197 countries of exploration, 80 different cuisines, and 40 wine varietals around the globe. 

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the process





I will begin designing your custom itinerary.  This will include all the necessities as well as some fun extras. 

Start counting down the days to your personalized vacation knowing that you are in good hands.  

Relax - you deserve it! 

Together we will review all the details and make any necessary changes prior to any bookings are made to ensure everything is perfect for you. 

We will chat so you can share with me your ideas of a dream vacation.  I will then do what I do best. 

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My Services Include: 

  • Present a selection of hotel & flight options

  • Provide suggestions and coordinate daytime activities, e.g. tours, historic sights, etc. 

  • Research and validate online reviews

  • Expert advice on how to maximize your time in your destination

  • Inside travel tips specific to your destination and travel style 

  • Assistance in choosing the correct travel insurance policy

  • 24/7 in-destination support via text, phone, or email

  • Real-time flight monitoring

  • Travel document final check

  • Confirmed travel documents prepared and provided

  • Pre, during, and post vacation support

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Holly Moran


Having spent time in over 25 countries since my early 20's, my travels have broadened my perspective in more ways than I ever imagined. I used to think I belonged in a small town, then I started traveling and realized that my knowledge was limited to only where I had been. Sue Fitzmaurice said “You must go on adventures to find out where you belong” and after having traveled 260,000 miles I wholeheartedly agree; for a short time, you can experience life in someone else’s shoes, learn new languages, taste new spices, hear new sounds.


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I haven't been everywhere...but it's on my list! 

Until then here is snap shot of where I have been. 

Let's keep in touch!  
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